VN Recording Company, A blog a year old.

This blog is quite new, but I published my first post a year ago.

Being the first blog I ever created, this anniversary means that I've being blogging a whole year. That is great!

I'm happy. Yes I am.


Suite for String Quartet.

When in 1986 I started writing a piano piece that was supposed to have Spanish reminiscences (it would have something to do with the Alhambra’s Generalife) I didn’t suspect that it would come out as a String Quartet that will propel my writing techniques.

From December 20th 1986 through March 15th 1987, I composed the original piano piece that you can easily watch at the end of this post, in the embedded pdf. I have a registration of this piece from 1987 (a vertical piano with a microphone attached to the top) that shows the way this composition was at an early stage.

This work remains untouched until 1990, when I decided to arrange it and expand it into a seven part String Quartet. I have learned many things and my composition skills were more accurate. And the final process can be heard in both YouTube Video in my Tonnerre de Brest Channel and in the embedded MP3 file.

Here is the embed from YouTube.

[via ValentinVN1]

Here is the MP3 embed of the song:

“Suite for String Quartet” 8:22

1990 String Quartet
© VAV 1995

And here is the MP3 of the piano version.

“Suite” 3:54
© VAV 1986/87
This is the Full Score of the Suite for String Quartet.
1990 String Quartet
© VAV 1995
This are the Particellas of the four parts of the Suite.
1990 String Quartet
© VAV 1995
And here is the Score of the original piano version.
1986 Piano solo
© VAV 1995


Tom Sawyer Blues et Rag Suite. Piano solo.

“Tom Sawyer Blues et Rag Suite” is a piano piece that I started composing in the Fall of 1989 and took a year to be finished.

Coming back from a rehearsal with the Rock Band “The Ska-riotes”, I kept fooling around with the black notes of my keyboard and the main line of the melody came out. I enjoyed the tune and wrote it on a sheet paper.

Then, while I was composing other songs for the band, the pencil version of this piano work developed and grew to a polished version.

It is a composition of twelve parts of twelve bars. The structure is divided in three parts (although there is no discontinuation) and can be resumed as A-B-B-C, where the second “B” is intended for improvisation means. In this recording you can hear an exact repetition of the part.

Here is an embed of the song, to be enjoyed along the allegoric pictures of Tom Sawyer, Portraits of Mark Twain and pictures of piano keyboards.

[via ValentinVN1]

Here is the MP3 embed of the song:

“Tom Sawyer Blues et Rag Suite”. 4’05

1989/90 Piano Solo
© VAV 1995

And here is the score of the piano piece. The first page is a blank page. I don’t know how to get rid of it so I left it.

“Tom Sawyer Blues et Rag Suite”.
1989/90 Piano Solo
© VAV 1995


Tonnerre de Brest YouTube Channel is ready to rock!!

Since October 10, 2008, there is an opportunity to enjoy Valentín VN music on video.

The first video is the piano composition "Tom Sawyer Blues et Rag Suite".

There will be more news about this channel of future posts.

Please, visit the

and enjoy my videos.

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